Kodak KD60

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The Kodak KD60 is a 1990s-era compact camera for 35mm film.

It has 28mm f/4.5 Ektanar lens made from 3 glass elements. The auto focus system is a four zone IR based system with the ability to focus from 0.8m to inf. There is a infinity focus shooting mode that can be enabled by pressing the mode button. The shutter speed has a range of 1/150 to 1.2 sec. The shutter release has 2 stages and is able to focus lock. The film advance is motor-driven, a so-called "panorama" mode, DX coding (100, 200, 400 and 1000 ISO film), a built-in flash, and red eye reduction. The self timer feature has a blinking light on the face of the camera and has a delay of approx 10 seconds. Date models were also produced but can only go up to the year 2019. Power is with a CR123A battery.