Kodak Instamatic M2

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The Kodak Instamatic M2 was an entry level movie camera model of Kodak's easy-to-use Instamatic camera series for cassette film types. It used Super8 cartridged 8mm film, with fixed movie speed of 18 exposures per second. It has a fixed focus Kodak Ektanar lens with f-stops f2.2 to f23. Outside it is made of solid light grey, dark grey and black plastic parts, inside some major parts are made of metal, making the brick nearly as heavy as real brick. A row of five drawings on the battery slot cover illustrate the correct choice of aperture for various weather conditions, which can be set with the thumb-wheel around the lens. The camera was introduced in 1965. Here it is presented as a sample for the Super8 cine camera branch of the Instamatic series, the most successful camera series ever made.