Kodak DCS 300 series

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The DCS-315 is a 1.5 megapixel digital SLR camera from Kodak. It based a Nikon Pronea 6i APS film SLR camera body. It was one of the first digital SLR cameras that used a LCD display for photo review, as well as support for the JPEG file format.

The DCS-330 is the 3 megapixel version. Its crop factor 1.9× means that it takes more advantage of the Pronea body's APS format capability.


DCS 315 DCS 330
Year 1998 1999
Body Nikon Pronea 6i with Kodak's digital enhancement
Lens Nikon F
IX-Nikkor AF
Nikon F
Sensor M5 M17
AA filter No Yes
Crop 2.6× 1.9×
Megapixel 1.5 3
Resolution 1520×1008 1504×2008
ISO 100 - 400 125 - 400
Flash built-in
PC flash sync No Yes
Buffer 2 fps / 3 burst 1 fps / 8 burst
Storage PC card (PCMCIA-ATA cards), Microdrive,
CompactFlash Type I/II in PC card adapter
Interface iLink / 1394 / Firewire 400
Serial port No Yes
Power 6x AA