Kodak DC5000 Zoom

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The DC5000 Zoom is a rugged, weather-resistant, 2 megapixel digital camera released by Kodak (June 2000).

It features a 6.5 to 13mm equivalent 2x zoom lens which has a range of 50cm to infinity. It uses a 2.1 mega pixel CCD sensor. Photos can be captured in 1760 x 1168 pixels or a lower resolution 896 x 592 pixels. There is a removable 8MB or 16MB Picture Card (Compact Flash) included. There is a built-in flash with a range of up to 3m. Flash modes include auto, fill, redeye, and off modes. The flash range is from 0.2 - 3.0m. There is a colour 1.8" LCD screen used for reviewing photos. It can also be used a live view display. Connectivity is with serial or USB. It is powered by four AA batteries.