Kodak Chevron

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The Kodak Chevron is a 6×6cm coupled-rangefinder leaf-shutter camera for 620 film. Much like its more popular predecessor, the Medalist, it is a higher-end member of the Kodak 620 camera family. It is equipped with a four-element 78mm Ektar with maximum aperture of f/3.5 and an impressive (for a leaf shutter) top shutter speed of 1/800 of a second. The shutter is an unusual design in which the metal blades rotate 180 degrees when being cocked and again when firing. This means that the shutter would expose the film while being cocked, so a secondary shutter protects the film during cocking. This design is apparently unique to the Chevron.

An 828-format (non-perforated 35mm) adapter came with the camera originally and the finder adjusts appropriately. The viewfinder adjusts for parallax, there is a separate finder for the rangefinder. The automatic exposure counter is driven by a toothed roller next to the supply spool. It has a hinged back that can be opened from either side and also removed completely.

The Camera was made in Rochester between 1953-56 and is of an extremely durable and heavy aluminium construction. It sold for $215 in 1953.