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The Advantix T700 is a compact camera with an auto-focus 2x zoom lens, for the APS film system. The camera is described as 'weatherproof'[1] It was made by Kodak from 1999.[2] The camera has a flash built into a flip-up lens-cover, similar to that on the 1999 (non-zoom) Advantix T550. The T700 has considerably better features than that model, including its zoom lens, red-eye reduction, continuous shooting, and the ability to change the film mid-roll. This ingenious feature makes use of the small amount of magnetic memory included in the APS film cartridge (magnetic media coated in a strip on the back of the film). Data is stored as each frame is exposed, and when a part-used cartridge is reloaded, the camera automatically advances to the first unused frame. The user's manual suggests that family members might share a camera, each keeping their own roll of film. Like the T500 and T550, the T700 has date- and title-imprinting. Again, this feature uses the film's magnetic storage, not optical imprinting on the negative; the date and title associated with each frame could be used or not used whenever a print was ordered, and some photo-finishers offered options such as printing this information on the back of the print instead of the front. The earlier cameras had a menu of just ten titles; the T700 offers forty.


  • Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co.
  • Lens: 'all-glass' Ektanar 25-50mm f/4.6-8.7
  • Films: APS with film speeds of ISO 50-1600.
  • Viewfinder: real image finder.
  • Focusing:
    • Active autofocus
    • Focus lock (by half-pressing the shutter release while reframing)
    • Infinity-focus setting (selected with the Mode button)
  • Exposure: automatic, shutter speed 1/2-1/250 sec.
  • Flash: Flip-up 'Sensalite' flash built into the lens cover, with modes:
    • Regular flash with or without red-eye reduction (selected with Flash button)
    • Fill flash, with or without red-eye reduction (selected with Flash button)
    • Flash off
    • 'Night view' (balances flash with low available light; selected with the Mode button, not the Flash button)
  • Self-timer
  • Continuous exposure setting: takes pictures continuously as long as the shutter release is pressed (selected with the Mode button)
  • Mid-roll film change (by pressing the recessed MRC button with the 'tooth' on one of the strap buckles.
  • Date and title imprint (title from a menu of 40 options)
  • Dimensions: 91x64x35.5mm.
  • Weight: 5.3oz. (150g) without film or battery.
  • Power requirement: One 3V CR2 battery.
Title-imprint options (USA)
No. Title No. Title No. Title
00 Christmas 14 I Love You 28 Mothers' Day
01 Birthday 15 Thank You 29 Memories
02 Vacation 16 Season's Greetings 30 Baptism
03 Honeymoon 17 Happy Birthday 31 Halloween
04 Wedding 18 Congratulations 32 Happy Holiday
05 Hanukkah 19 Merry Christmas 33 Independence Day
06 Graduation 20 Festival 34 Thanksgiving
07 Family 21 First day of School 35 Rosh Hashanah
08 Party 22 Tour 36 Yom Kippur
09 Holiday 23 New Year's 37 Memorial Day
10 Anniversary 24 Easter 38 Labor Day
11 Friends 25 Happy New Year 39 Valentine's Day
12 School Event 26 Reunion 40 Canada Day
13 Trip 27 Father's Day -- (none)


  1. The camera has IEC 60529 Weatherproofing Class 2: dripping water (not a spray or jet) should not get into the camera's enclosed parts if it is held within 15 degrees from the vertical: see IP Codes at Wikipedia.
  2. Chris Eve/Mischa Konig's table of dates for Advantix cameras, at Kodak Classics, states the camera was announced in February 2000.