Kodak Advantix T500

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The Advantix T500 is an auto-focus compact camera for the APS film system. It was made by Kodak from about 1999.[1]

The camera has the familiar AF lock function, whereby the focus can be set on a chosen subject, and the scene then re-framed, while holding the shutter button gently to retain the selected focus. The camera also has an infinity-focus setting, overriding the AF; this is selected with the flash mode-switch (see below)

The camera has a built-in flash, with a number of modes: regular flash, flash with red-eye reduction, fill-in flash and 'night-view' flash (where the flash is balanced with available light for evening scenes). The flash can also be switched off.

The camera has a tripod socket and self-timer function.

The camera allows date/time- and (simple) title-imprinting. Unlike traditional film cameras with this function, the APS film cartridge has a small amount of magnetic memory on which this data is stored. Prints could be ordered from photo-finishers with or without the imprinted information (and some finishers offered date and title printing on the front or the back of the print). However, the title imprint function is distinctly primitive when compared to what was offered by digital cameras quite shortly afterwards. Titles are restricted to a list of ten, pre-programmed into the camera:

Title-imprint options (English)
No. Title No. Title
01 Birthday 06 Christmas
02 Vacation 07 Holiday
03 Wedding 08 I Love You
04 Graduation 09 Party
05 Congratulations 10 Family


  • Type: compact camera
  • Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co.
  • Film Type: APS film
  • Lens: Auto-focusing motorized all-glass 28 mm f/3.5 Ektanar
  • Focus System: 130 zones, active AF
  • Focus Range: 1.3 ft (0.4 m ) to infinity
  • Viewfinder: Real image with C, H, & P format display
  • Film-Speed: DXIX (ISO) 50—1600 for color and black-and-white films
  • Flash Unit: Built-in 'Sensalite' flash
  • Flash Range (ISO 200): 1.3 -18 ft (0.4- 5.5 m)
  • Apertures: f/3.5—f/11
  • Shutter: Programmed, full-aperture shutter 1/4-1/500 seconds
  • Power Source: One 3V CR2 lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.3 x 1.3 in (92 X 61.5 X 34 mm)
  • Weight: 4.2 oz. (120 g) without film or battery


  1. Chris Eve/Mischa Konig's table of dates for Advantix cameras, at Kodak Classics, states the camera was announced in a 1998 press release for introduction in '99. The manual at Kodak (linked below) was posted on 5 October 1999.