Kershaw Peregrine

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The Peregrine is a vertical[1] folding camera made by Kershaw for about two years from 1948. It makes 2¼-inch square pictures on 120 film. Three models were produced, offering different levels of specification. They were more or less contemporary with the Curlew range, which were similar but for the 2¼ x 3¼ inch format. Perhaps because of the need to cover the larger format, the Curlews were not equipped with such wide-aperture lenses as the Peregrines. The cameras appear not to have sold well, and they are rather rare.


Information from McKeown[2] and from notes at Marriottworld.[3]

  • Peregrine I
    • Kershaw Critak 8 cm f/4.5 lens
    • Kershaw eight-speed shutter; no flash synchronisation
    • Folding optical viewfinder
    • Double-exposure prevention interlock
  • Peregrine II
    • Taylor-Hobson Roytal 8 cm f/3.5 lens
    • Talykron nine-speed shutter; 1 - 1/400 second plus 'B'
    • Flash synchronisation post; synch. delay adjustable from 0 - 20 ms.
    • Folding optical viewfinder
    • Double-exposure prevention interlock
  • Peregrine III

McKeown expresses doubt that the Peregrine I 'ever reached the shops'.[2] UK camera dealers F & S Marriott state that the cameras were only available for a short time, and not many appear to have been sold. Price reductions for the cameras were announced in 1950.[3]


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