Kera Junior

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The Kera Junior is a simple camera for 6x6 exposures on 120 film, made by the German firm Vredeborch.


  • Type: viewfinder camera
  • Manufacturer: Vredeborch
  • Year of launch: 1961
  • Film: type 120 film rolls
  • Lens: Lux-Spezial, front cell focusing.
  • Shutter: guillotine-type with speeds 1/25 sec., 1/50 sec. and B, flash synchronized (only at 1/25 sec).
  • Aperture: f8 or f16
  • Filter : yellow, internal, can be slid in or out of optical light path
  • Viewfinder: optical, Albada type
  • Accessory shoe
  • Format: 6x6 cm negative