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K. B. Canham Cameras Inc. is a camera manufacturer in Arizona, USA.


K. B. Canham, is run by Keith Canham, and produces various large format cameras, in the common 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 formats, as well as many other formats, and custom sizes, such 4x10, 12x20 and 20x24. The cameras are made of either traditional wood and metal construction, or all metal cameras, made of a lightweight aluminium. The company also makes large format film holders.

Kodak large format film

With the decline in sales of film in general and Kodaks ailing financial structure, and due to the fact most stores around the world no longer carry a standing stock of large format film, since 2011, Canham has taken over the distribution of special order large format films in standard and non standard film sizes for Kodak.