Intreprinderea Optica Romana (IOR)

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Company History

Intrepriderea Optica Romana S.A. (IOR) is a renowned optical factory in Romania's capital Bucharest, with a famous tradition in designing and manufacturing opto-mechanical apparatus. It was founded in 1936. It produces military optics like its Valdada rifle scopes. During Romania's socialist period the company made its "Orizont" series of viewfinder cameras for 35mm film. The company uses optical glass from Jenaer Glass, Jena, Germany, for its optics. The company is still state-owned and shall be privatized. It produces sportive optics, military equipment, medical apparatus and lenses for eyeglasses.

In 1941 IOR was militarized and, therefore, it preeminently produced products for the army (binoculars, telescopes, telemeters, etc.). After 1949, the first eyeglasses lenses were produced, then, in 1951 the first didactic microscopes and, in 1954 the first photo camera. After 1959, more attention was given to the medical area and so, appeared the first products for ophtalmology. Also, in that period started the production of cinematographic projectors. In 1960, IOR produced the first binocular laboratory microscopes, in 1961 the first dental units, in 1962 the first research microscopes and in 1967 began to produce photo lenses for Pentacon. After 1980s there have appeared new ranges, as opto-electronics, lasers, metrology, thermovision with various applications.

35mm Cameras

120 Cameras