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The Standard is a coupled rangefinder camera for 35 mm film, made by Industria Scientifica Ottica in Milan, Italy, in about 1953.[1] The camera was also sold by the German company Hensoldt as the Henso Standard.

An article on ISO cameras at Fotocamere Italiane calls the Standard a simplified model of the Bilux, and states that a protoype of it, called the Junior, was produced.[2] Certainly, the Standard is very similar to both the Bilux, which preceded it, and the Reporter which came after it.

The simplifications are significant:

  • Whereas the Bilux has both a conventional winding knob and a trigger mechanism to advance the film, the Standard only has the winding knob.
  • The Standard has no slow shutter speed control: the shutter offers speeds from 1/20 to 1/1000 second, plus 'B'.
  • The Standard has two PC sockets, for M- and X-synchronisation, instead of the single socket and adjustable synchronisation delay of the Bilux.
  • The Standard does not have a film-type and speed reminder dial.

The standard lens is a collapsible 5 cm f/3.5 Iadar, f/2.8 Iriar or f/2.8 Arion, or a rigid f/1.9 Arion. The camera will accept the same interchangeable lenses, (some or all made by Hensoldt) as the Reporter; there is an 8 cm f/2.5 Aglar and a 12.5 cm f/3.5 Iriar.[3] SOM Berthiot also made a 28 mm f/3.3 Angulor for the Standard and Reporter.

The camera has an interchangeable viewfinder eyepiece, to allow a different one to be fitted for each focal length. It has a knurled focusing wheel on the front of the body, like the Contax rangefinders, operated with the right index finger.


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