Hayatori Renshūyō

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The Hayatori Renshūyō (早取練習用, meaning Fast picture-taking trainer) is a Japanese box camera, sold by Ōsaka Shashinki Shōkai on mail order. It was an early example of yen-camera (camera sold for a single yen).

The camera is only known from a single advertisement.[1] The drawing is exactly the same as that found in older catalogues for the Britannia No.0.[2] It shows a simple box, held in someone's left hand, with the right hand removing the lens cap to expose the film; no viewfinder is visible. The picture format is not mentioned, but it was probably No.0-size (4×5cm), the same as the Britannia.

The camera is listed in three versions without a shutter, priced at ¥1, ¥1.50 and ¥2.50, and in three shutter-equipped versions, priced at ¥3.50, ¥5 and ¥7. It was supplied with chemicals and a user manual.[3]


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