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Harringtons Ltd. was an importer and retailer of photographic goods in Australia from c.1878 to 1939. Their head office was at 386 George Street, Sydney. In 1916 they had branches in Melbourne, 266 Collins Street; Brisbane, 93-95 Queen Street and Adelaide, 43 Rundle Street. There were branches also in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand.

They imported cameras mainly from UK, some brands were Ensign, Ilford and Thornton-Pickard. They also sold cameras from USA and Germany.

A 1912 advertisement[1] says: "They are Australian agents for British and Continental photographic manufacturers, such as C. P. Goerz, Voigtlander and Sohn, J. H. Dallmeyer, Austin Edwards, Ltd., Standa Ltd., &c, and distributors for Empire Works Co. (coralytc, artlyte, and brillyte papers and post cards), Houghton's Ltd., Imperial Dry Plate Co., Ltd., Ilford Ltd., Johnson and Sons., Thornton, Pickard, &c."

As well as catalogs they published a monthly Journal "Harringtons' Photographic Journal". The company was taken over by Kodak A/asia in 1933.