Fujifilm Instax Mini 50

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The Instax Mini 50 is a instant camera that uses Instax Mini film and manufactured by the Japanese company Fujifilm in 2002.

It uses a motorized 60mm f/12.7 lens with two focusing modes. Normal mode with a focusing distance of 0.6m to 3m and a landscape mode for 3m to inf. The shutter is capable of 1/3 to 1/400 of a sec. There are two shutter release buttons to make it easier to compose in different orientations. There is a self-timer mode with a delay of approx. 7 seconds, when set there is a blinking light indicator on the face of the camera. A two shot timer mode takes an additional photo 3 seconds after the first. It is powered by two lithium CR2 batteries. The camera was available in silver metalic colour.

A Instax Mini 55 is also available in 2003, it shares similar specifications, but includes a close-up lens adapter. Silver metallic with blue accents and white with blue accents were offered.

A color variation called the Instax Mini 50S was available and finished in Piano Black in 2010, with Piano White available in 2013, 5.[1] and a Micky Mouse version also in 2013.