Fujica M1

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Mainly made for export, the Fujica M1 was launched in 1979. It is a fixed focus camera with a fixed shutter speed and a 40 mm f/8 lens. With its mechanical shutter and manual film advance, it didn't need any batteries. A ring around the lens selects the aperture using a sun (f/8) and a cloud (f/11) symbol, as well as a flash mode. In flash mode, the focus is shifted closer in order to give better sharpness within the limited range of a flash, as on the popular Konica pop. In 1981, it had a minor update as the Fujica MA-1. Both versions were available in a multitude of colours, and lasted for many years on the market.

A version with built-in flash was sold as the Fujica MF.


  • Lens: Fujinon 40 mm f/8 (3 elements/3 groups) glass lens.
  • Focus: Fixed focus, close focus mode for flash.
  • Shutter: Mechanical behind-the-lens, 1/125 s.
  • Flash: Hot shoe with X sync.
  • Film transport: Knob advance, rewind crank.
  • Dimensions: 114 x 73 x 50 mm.
  • Weight: 170 g.