Fujica DL-100

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The Fujica DL-100 (Auto Ace in Japan) is a compact autofocus camera released in 1983. It is not to be confused with the later Fujifilm DL-100 released in 2002.

Like its mates, such as the Canon AF35M, it features a 38 mm f/2,8 lens, motor advance, a pop-up flash, and runs on common AA batteries. Along with the DL-20, it was the first model to employ Fuji's drop-in loading (DL) system for easy loading of film – the back door only opens far enough to drop in a 35 mm film cassette, which is wound on automatically. Interestingly, the back door has a built-in film cutter to cut off the leader if it protrudes from the body when the door is closed. A switch locks the shutter release to prevent tripping it accidentally.

The viewfinder indicates focusing zone using three icons: A head, two people and a mountain. Unlike Canon's competing model, the focus zone is indicated during pre-focus, and not when it's too late. A light in the finder warns if the shutter speed is low.

Since the camera predates the DX system, it instead uses Fuji's older film speed identification system. Apart from the usual black plastic, a version was also painted in a green metallic finish. The body was designed by Italian industrial designer Mario Bellini. A date back model was also available.


  • Lens: Fujinon 38 mm f/2,8, 4 elements/4 groups (UV filter incorporated).
  • Shutter: 1/8 — 1/500 Seiko ESF 2-blade electronic shutter.
  • Focus: 0,9 m to infinity.
  • Exposure:EV 6 — EV 17 (ISO 100).
  • Automatic film loading, winding, rewind, exposure and focus.
  • Pre-focus with half-press; film doesn't wind to next frame until shutter button is released.
  • Manually activated "flash-matic" pop-up flash; supports fill-in flash.
  • Flash range: 0,9 — 4 m (ISO 100); 0,9 — 6 m (ISO 400).
  • Film speeds: 50–100–200–400 ISO. If set to auto-identification, the camera defaults to ISO 100.
  • Power: 2 x AA alkaline or manganese batteries.
  • Dimensions and weight: 129,5 x 79,5 x 58 mm; 445 g without batteries.