Fuji DL-510

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The DL-510 is a point and shoot autofocus compact 35mm film camera using a wide angle 28mm lens released by Fuji in 1992. It is also known as the Fuji Cardia mini Everyday OP.

It uses a Fujinon 28mm f/4.5 made from 4 elements groups 4 with a focus distance of 0.48m to ∞. The electronic shutter has speeds from 1/3 up to 1/125 if a sec. Metering uses a CdS cell with +2 EV exposure compensation. A metering range 16 to 9.8 EV or 6 to 16 EV with flash. The film transport is a pre winding type with automatic advance and drop in loading. It can use DX encoded film with a range of 50 to 1600 ISO. The built-in flash has basic modes like auto, flash on, flash off and red eye reduction. The viewfinder has a 0.38x magnification and shows bright line frames with parallax correction and flash indicators. Power comes from one CR123A battery.