Fuji DL-400 Tele Super Date

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The Fuji DL-400 Tele Super Date was introduced in 1990. It is also known as the Discovery 400 Tele Date and as the New Super Tele Cardia Date. This is one of the DL series, DL stands for drop-in loading.

Non date version were also available as the DL-400 Tele Super and as the Discovery 400 Tele. The DL-450 Tele Super adds a light for red eye reduction, otherwise remaining the same. A Promaster version called Discovery 400 Tele Plus Date was also available.

Interesting features

Two interesting features were the drop-in loading and pre-winding of the film making the film loading foolproof, you just had to drop the cartridge through the small opening on the back, close it and the camera wound the film to the last shot and as you progressed, in the shooting session, the exposed film was wound back into the cartridge, avoiding the loss of any picture, in case the back was inadvertently opened.

The date back was another useful feature. An updated version released only in Japan, the Tele Cardia Super Memory, even could record ten freely chosen characters in the corner of the picture.