Foton (Instant)

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There is also an unrelated US-made rangefinder camera named Foton.

The Foton (marked in cyrillic, ФОТОН) is an instant camera made by KMZ in Ukraine, in the then USSR, between 1969 and 1976. It took 73x96mm images.

Only 1,839 Fotons were produced.

The Foton has a rangefinder, coupled to the Industar-77 120mm f5.6 lens and a leaf shutter with speeds of 1/125, 1/30 and B. The shutter is cocked by turning the lens surround, and the aperture control is a slider next to the viewfinder. Flash is catered for by both hot shoe and PC socket.

The Foton M is a variation - apparently with a built-in light meter, with a window beside the viewfinder and readout on the top plate.