Film Photography Project

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Film Photography Project or FPP started as a online audio podcast in 2009 known as the Film Photography Podcast.

A online store was formed and they begin selling a variety of film related products including many bulk, cinema and other industrial films.




  • FPP BW100 (ORWO un54) - 24 exp / bulk
  • FPP BW200 (foma) - 24 exp / bulk
  • FPP BW400 (ORWO n74) - 24 exp / bulk
  • FPP EDU bw100 (Kentmere) film
  • FPP EDU bw200 (Kentmere) film
  • FPP EDU bw400 (Kentmere) film
  • FPP Infra-Chrome Color Infrared ASA 400 E6 slide film
  • FPP RetroChrome (Eastman 2239) ASA 160 E6 slide film
  • FPP RetroChrome High Speed (Eastman 2253) ASA 320 E6 slide film


  • Super FPP Green X-Ray (ASA 50-100) Film (4x5, 8x10)
  • Super FPP Blue X-Ray (ASA 25-100) Film (4x5, 8x10)