Debonair (1:8/60mm)

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For other cameras named Debonair please see Debonair (Disambiguation).

The Debonair is an all-plastic camera manufactured in Hong Kong. Many examples have a designation on the box marked NO. 819. Despite a few similarities, it is not the same as the "Debonair" Diana or the Imperial Debonair from Chicago’s Herbert George Camera Company. Other names such as Hollywood Park and Winner have also been seen. Similar plastic products made in Hong Kong have the same Debonair branding and font. This includes a couple of binoculars including a 3.5 x 20 model and a opera style 3 x 25 pocket folding binocular.

The Debonair is designed to accept 120 film, with its red window positioned low on the back to count off 16 exposures of 6×4.5 cm per roll. Exposures are capture in a portrait format orientation, but the viewfinder is more of a square shape. The shutter release sits on the shutter housing along with an indicator (red, blue, white or no colour) for focus and the sunny/cloud flash switch. Compared to the Holga, the film back has a much more secure locking lever located on the base, this is very similar to the Diana back. Versions with a red shutter release button or promotional tie-in badging are known.

This Debonair shares a suspicious number of similarities to the Holga camera, also originating in Hong Kong. The lens barrel is molded with similar focusing icons (3 vs. 4 with the Holga) and 1:8 60mm lens designations; the sunny/cloudy switch is similar, as is the wind knob. However, the switch does not change aperture but allows the shutter to be open longer, giving this camera a fixed f/8. The red shutter release version does not have a accessory shoe. The bulb flash attachment is connected directly to the side of the shutter housing. The exact connection between the Debonair and the makers of the Holga is not known.


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