Ernemann Unette

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The Ernemann Unette is a miniature roll film box camera. Ernemann made it around 1925. It was unique as a box camera for paper-backed 35mm rollfilm w/o sprocket holes. At the same time Ernemann offered a variant of its folding camera Bob I for that film, with the same exposure frame format 22×33mm. Ernemann missed the chance to make a standard of this format due to its market power, because these miniature cameras were only offered with poor optics in old-style budget shutters. Instead the Leica Ia that appeared in 1925 set the 35mm film miniature standard.


  • Type: box camera
  • Manufacturer: Ernemann
  • Year of launch: 1924
  • Film/Frame size: unperforated paper backed 35mm roll film (Sida 26° film was an appropriate brand) / 22×33mm frame
  • Lens: 1:12.5 meniscus lens
  • Viewfinder: two collapsible frames
  • Shutter: Time, Bulb and Instant mode (Z, S and M)
  • Aperture: f-stops 12.5 , 18 and 25

The camera was available with a simpler shutter that offered only 3 shutter-mode/aperture combinations (M12.5, Z12.5 and Z25)