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In most parts of the world Epson is known as manufacturer of computer-printers. It is part of the Seiko group mostly known for manufacturing timepieces.

The company was started by former Hattori Seiko employee Hisao Yamazaki as Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd. It manufactured timepiece related parts and technologies. The company was renamed Epson with the successful manufacture of electronic printers in the 1960's. But in the age of digital photography Epson entered the market with its own digicams. Epson surprised the market by introducing the first digital rangefinder camera, designed for M bayonet lenses. The company had offered other digital cameras too - since 1996, but subsequently effectively abandoned the digicam market.

Digital rangefinder cameras

Conventional digital cameras

  • Epson L-500V
  • Epson P-1000
  • Epson P-2000
  • Epson P-3000
  • Epson P-4000
  • Epson P-5000
  • Epson P-6000
  • Epson P-7000
  • Epson PhotoPC / Colorio CP-100
  • Epson PhotoPC Mac
  • Epson PhotoPC 500 / Colorio CP-200
  • Epson PhotoPC 550
  • Epson PhotoPC 600 / Colorio CP-500
  • Epson PhotoPC 650
  • Epson PhotoPC 700
  • Epson PhotoPC 750Z
  • Epson PhotoPC 800
  • Epson PhotoPC 850Z
  • Epson PhotoPC L-300
  • Epson PhotoPC L-400
  • Epson PhotoPC L-410
  • Epson PhotoPC 2100Z
  • Epson PhotoPC 3000Z
  • Epson PhotoPC 3100Z
  • Epson CP-700Z
  • Epson CP-800
  • Epson CP-800S
  • Epson CP-900Z


  • Epson V300 (GT-F720)
  • Epson V330 (GT-F730)
  • Epson V500 (GTX-770)
  • Epson V600 (GTX-820)
  • Epson V700 (GTX-900)
  • Epson V750
  • Epson V800 (GTX-980)
  • Epson V850