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The Ensign Multex is a 127 roll film rangefinder camera for 3×4cm images from Ensign, made between 1936 and ca. 1938.
It has a focal plane shutter with a full range of speeds from 1 second to 1/1000th and 'T'. The camera was available with a range of lenses in ascending order of price:
f/3.5 Ensign Multar; f/2.9 Ross Xpres; f/2.8 Tessar; f/1.9 Ross Xpres; and f/2 Sonnar.[1] McKeown lists two models of the camera, curiously Model O and Model I.[2] the Model O is the camera pictured here, with round rangefinder windows, a bright metal shutter-winding knob, and an enclosed viewfinder.[3] The Model I has rectangular RF windows, a black-painted shutter knob, and a folding viewfinder. The listing for this camera offered for sale at the June 2021 Leitz Auction describes it as the only known example of the Model I, stating that the camera was announced but not produced for sale.[4] The Dutch advertisement below shows a Model II, looking very similar to the Model O (perhaps they are the same, and the camera was named differently in different countries). The advertisement states that the camera makes twelve exposures on a 127 film, whereas McKeown and the notes at Leitz Photographica Auction both say fourteen exposures on a roll.[2][4]


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