Elicar MS-1

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The body of the 35mm SLR branded as the Elicar MS-1 is simply a rebadged Cosina CT1 Super. Originally the Jaca Corporation offered it as part of a complete medical / macro photography bundle in a hard case, including the Elicar V-HQ Medical Macro MC 90mm f/2.5 lens with its ring flash. This lens was not able to focus to infinity and so subjects are limited in size to 300 by 450mm or smaller. Rather than a conventional aperture ring, it is indexed with a film-speed selector which integrates with a flash control unit and sensor eye. Other interesting features include the dummy adapter fitting the hot shoe to work around the lack of a PC socket for the flash, and the plastic cap fitted over the shutter speed dial to keep it held at the 1/125 sec. sync speed.

The body of the MS-1 camera may sometimes be found apart from its medical bundle. As with its Cosina lookalike, the MS-1 body is perfectly usable with numerous other K mount lenses in conventional photography.