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The Dove is a stereo box camera for 9x18 cm plates,[1] made by Ernemann in the early 1900s.[2][3] The camera is wooden-bodied, with black leather covering. It has 'Rapid-Detectiv' lenses;[2] the name suggests a Rapid Rectilinear type, but they are not identified as Ernemann's Rapid Aplanat of this type; the auctioneer's notes on an example sold at Westlicht describe the camera as having meniscus lenses.[4] with three aperture settings, and a simple shutter for 'T' and 'I' exposures. The shutter release in some examples is drilled for a cable release;[4] all examples seen have a simple catch to hold the button down for long time-exposures. The camera has both a ground-glass rear viewing screen for use on a stand, and a Watson finder for hand-held use. The plates are held in single, metal holders.


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