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The Cyclone cameras are a series of box-form falling-plate magazine cameras, made by the Western Camera Manufacturing Co. of Chicago. They are wooden-bodied, with leatherette covering, and hold twelve plates, in sizes from 2½×2½ to 4×5 inches.

The camera has an 'I' and 'B' shutter (the phrase automatic shutter in the advertisement refers to everset shutter behaviour; that is, it is not necessary to tension the shutter before use). It has Watson finders for horizontal and vertical orientation. The plate changer is operated by turning a knob on the top (referred to in the advertisement as a button).

Plate sizes

Cyclone No. 1: 2½×2½"
Cyclone No. 2: 3¼×4¼"
Cyclone No. 3: 4×5"
Cyclone No. 4: 3¼×4¼"
Cyclone No. 5: 4×5"