Cosina CX7

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The CX7 is a simple compact camera for 35 mm film released by Cosina in 1983. It features a vertical slidable clamshell to protect lens and viewfinder, like the Minolta AF-C. The related Cosina CX5 is even simpler with zone focus, the Cosina CX70 is advanced, with automatic film transport.


  • 35 mm film format
  • Lens: Cosinon f/3.8, 33 mm, 4 elements in 3 groups
  • Programmed shutter
  • Film speed: No DX-encoding, 64 to 400 ASA (the copy in the image: 100 to 1000 ASA)
  • Film transport completely manually, film advance by a thumbwheel
  • Focusing: active autofocus, "CIRS" = Cosina Infra Red System
  • Nearest focus distance: 1.2 m
  • Flash has to be activated manually, it pops up when tripping the slide button
  • Flash has GN 11, flash-ready lamp
  • Bright frame viewfinder, with parallax marks, AF-mark, 0.5x magnification
  • Focusing distance is indicated by two LEDs in the viewer (near or far)
  • Insufficient light is indicated by blinking of these LEDs (other variant: a third red LED is lit continuously)
  • Two batteries 1.5 V AAA are required
  • Size: 117 x 72 x 43.5 mm, weight: 280 g without batteries
  • When the clamshell is closed, the shutter button is locked
  • Frame counter, no self-timer