Cosina CX70

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The CX70, made in Japan by Cosina, is a fairly standard 35mm film compact camera in the same vein as early Canon Sure Shots. Its most notable feature is the integrated lens cover which slid up to protect the glass when the camera was not in use.


  • Lens: Cosinon 35mm f/3.5, with 2-zone autofocus. (CIRS = Cosina Infra Red System)
  • Film advance: auto-loading and motorwind.
  • Integrated flash with on/off switch.
  • Film speeds: ASA 100-1000 (switchable).
  • Auto-exposure via CdS meter.
  • Viewfinder features frame lines and autofocus zone icons (mountains or head shot).
  • No tripod socket.
  • Power: 2 AA batteries.