Coronet Midget

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The Coronet Midget is a tiny box camera made of Bakelite by the Coronet Camera Co. in Birmingham, England. It is only 6.5cm long and 2.6cm wide[1], and weighs in at a mere 71g. It was introduced c.1935[2], in several colours - black, lime green, olive green, brown, red/black mottled and rose/orange mottled, and later in blue (1937)[3].

It took six 13x18mm exposures on 16mm paper-backed rollfilm, using a simple Taylor-Hobson f10 fixed-focus meniscus lens and a 1/30s fixed-speed shutter. The rear of the camera hinges downward for film loading. A red window centred in the back is used to control film advance, wound by either a plain knob or a hinged D-shaped loop.

The Midget sold for 5s/6d (£0.275) in Britain in 1935, and $2.85 (including delivery) in the US in 1939[4].