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Citizen is a Japanese company which still exists (2023). It produces watches and has several other activities. At some time its portfolio included the production of shutters.


The company was founded in 1918 as Shōkōsha Tokei Kenkyūjo (尚工舎時計研究所, meaning Shōkōsha Watch Research Institute) and became Citizen Tokei K.K. (シチゼン時計㈱, officially translated as Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.).[1] It started the production of camera shutters in 1953, as a result of a cooperation with Chiyoda Kōgaku for the shutter of the Minoltaflex III and Minoltacord.[2] It notably made the Optiper HS shutter of the Minolta V2 and Minolta V3. The camera shutter activity was dropped at the beginning of the 1970s.[3]

Cameras with Citizen shutter

This list is incomplete, and not all the versions have a Citizen shutter.

with Optiper shutter

with MV or MVL shutter


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