Chinon CS-4

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The CS-4 from Chinon is a late (c.1980) effort to keep stopdown-metering SLRs for M42 screwmount lenses viable in the marketplace. (It is a sister to the Chinon CM-4 for K mount lenses.)

Two common LR44 or SR44 button cells power the light metering circuit, activated with a slider alongside the lens mount. This illuminates over/correct/under LEDs to the side of the viewfinder eyepiece, in the photographer's peripheral vision. The vertically-traveling Seiko shutter offers the usual speeds from 1/1000 to 1 second, but flash sync is only at 1/60th or below. There's a slot on the rear door to store film box tops, as a reminder of what was loaded.

A curious feature is a front-facing LED (in the position where many SLRs have a self-timer), dubbed an "action lamp," which winks for as long as the shutter is open.

This model was also rebadged by Foto-Quelle as the Revueflex SD 1.