Chinon CM-4

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The CM-4 is a quite simple fully manual SLR from Chinon. It's shutter speeds go up to 1/1000.

All the user has are 3 LED's. A green one for correct exposure, and two red ones which indicate over or under exposure. These LED's are placed outside the viewfinder, but it is possible to see them while focusing. Choosing either a different aperture or shutter speed will have an instant effect on the LED's.

It takes 2 LR44 batteries and will function with all Pentax K-mount lenses. Shown here with the Chinon 50mm f/1.9 standard lens, which gets quite good reviews!

The Chinon CM-4s is the CM-4 with additional self-timer. The Chinon CS-4 is identical to the CM-4 but with M42 screw mount instead of Pentax K-mount. Foto-Quelle sold the CM-4 as Revueflex SC 2, the CM-4s as Revue SC 3.