Century Universal Camera

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The Century Universal was an 8x10 field camera, produced by Folmer & Schwing and aimed the professional market, alongside the Crown View 4x5 camera. It was manufactured from 1929 until 1940.


This is a relatively unique camera by Graflex standards, and is notable for its rarity, and its use by several notable photographers. Unlike many of Graflex's other cameras, it lacks its signature focal plane shutter. Instead it uses standard between the lens shutters in a 6" lensboard (identical to the Deardorff). The camera is fitted with a standard 8x10 ground glass and spring back. While relatively rare, (Production is listed at only 10005 cameras) they are sought after for their light weight construction (9lbs), compactness, and relative rigidity while still offering a range of useful movements. The camera offers the following movements.

  • Front Rise: 3 inches
  • Front Fall: 1 inch
  • Front Shift: 2 inches in either direction
  • Front Swing: 30º
  • Front Tilt: 25º up or down
  • Rear Base Tilt: 30º
  • Rear Swing: 10º
  • Bellows Extension 4 to 30 inches.