Crown View

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The Crown View camera is a 4x5 folding wooden view camera produced by Graflex from 1938-1942.


The Crown View was Graflex's first and only wooden field camera. Like many view cameras of the period, it bears a passing resemblance to the Korona view camera. It has a minimum bellows extension of 3½ inches and a maximum bellows extension of 19 inches (with optional extension rails). The front standard has front rise and fall, shift, and tilt; the rear standard only has swing and tilt. The back is able to be rotated from horizontal to vertical composition, and was available with a graphic or graflex type back. Lens boards are 4 inches square. It was available in brass or satin nickel finish, however, the nickel finish is more uncommon. It was designed to take advantage of the crown view tripod also produced by Graflex.

The Crown View entered an already crowded view camera market when introduced, and was not a commercial success. It would be eventually replaced in Graflex's lineup by the Graphic View cameras, a monorail studio camera with many of the same features, but more movements and better compatibility with Graflex's other accessories.