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Anything from or in Japan.

Lacking subcategories, this category contained hundreds of items and promised or threatened to contain thousands. A consensus emerged that it should become a superset of subcategories, most of these having their own subcategories. It is now in the process of being depopulated -- not of subcategories, but of simple (not-subcategorized) articles.

Until this process is complete, there will be many inconsistencies. Please be patient with these.

If you create a new article about a Japanese camera, see if a descendant of the "Japanese cameras" category already exists for it. For example, Nikon FM is within Category: Japanese 35mm SLR, which is within Category: Japan); another Japanese 35mm SLR camera would also go within Category: Japanese 35mm SLR. If you are unsure of what to do, or lack the time or energy to check, feel free to add the new article to Category: Japan: somebody else will see this later and think about whether/how to recategorize it, perhaps creating new categories for the purpose.

Please don't create new subcategories willy-nilly. (Unlike articles, categories cannot be renamed. And recategorizing is tedious work.) Instead, try to create new subcategories by analogy with existing subcategories that seem satisfactory.