Canon Sure Shot Z90W/Prima Super 90 Wide/Autoboy EPO

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Released in 2000, Prima Super 90 Wide (or Sure Shot Z90W) fits well into the higher segment of Canon's compact autofocus cameras. While its zoom lens doesn't extend as far as some of its Prima brethren, it starts out at a wide 28 mm, unlike most Prima Supers which start off at 38 mm. It has a sliding clamshell case protecting the lens, as pioneered by Olympus XA and carried on by the Olympus mju series (one of the Prima series' main competitors), and a pop-up flash. Pushing the flash down disables it temporarily. The back side is dominated by an LCD screen fitted inside a large wheel for selecting between the camera's modes of operation: auto, spot focus/metering, night shot, portrait, macro, real-time shutter, personal. Night shot mode enables slow-syncro flash and red-eye reduction. The portrait mode automatically zooms the lens to cover head and shoulders of its subject and emphasises wide apertures. Macro mode is locked at 90 mm with spot mode, for close-ups at upto 45 cm. Spot mode turns off the so-called "AI-AF" for a more narrow autofocus spot, simultaneously narrowing the light metering to cope with back-lit subjects and other tricky lighting situations. The RT (for real-time) mode cuts shutter lag, as long as focus is locked. Lastly, the personal mode can be programmed and memorised for a combination of spot focus, flash modes, red-eye and exposure adjustment to fit individual shooting preferences. Flash and focus modes may be overridden in any mode, but are not memorised. Like many other Prima Super models, the Super 90 Wide also came in a "Caption" variation, which could superimpose greetings in English, French, German and Spanish, also featuring a date-back and a receiver for a remote control (sold separately).


  • Lens: 28–90 mm ƒ/4,5–9,9 (7 elements/6 groups) with two aspheric elements.
  • Focus: Hybrid autofocus, 0,6 m to infinity (0,45 m in macro mode).
  • Shutter: Programmed, 2–1/640 s.
  • Exposure: Programmed exposure from 2 s, ƒ/4,5 to 1/640 s, ƒ/14,2 (wide); 2 s, ƒ/9,9 to 1/350 s, ƒ30 (tele). Exposure compensation +/- 1,5 EV.
  • Film speed: Set in whole stops ISO 25–3200 using DX coded films. Non-DX films default at ISO 25.
  • Film transport: Automatic loading, advance and rewind.
  • Finder: Zooming finder with parallax marks and -3 to 0 diopter setting. LED indicators for low light/flash and focus confirmation.
  • Flash: Built-in pop-up flash max range at ISO 100 3,7 m (wide) to 7,4 m (tele). Auto/forced/off/slow sync modes with red-eye reduction lamp.
  • Power: 1 x CR123 3V lithium battery.
  • Dimensions: 117 x 64 x 43 mm.
  • Weight: 245 g with batteries.