Canon Sure Shot Supreme/Top Shot/Autoboy 3

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Canon Sure Shot Supreme
A 1986 model from Canon's phenomenally successful Sure Shot range, this compact 35mm film camera - known as the Top Shot in continental Europe and Autoboy 3 in Japan - was voted European Camera of the Year for putting some very advanced features into an ergonomic package at a reasonable price. The slanted hand grip means the viewfinder can be held flush with the eye as fingers and thumbs aren't in the way. It's also comfortable for shooting one- or two-handed. A special feature is the tilting foot on the bottom of the camera, which allows you to place the camera on the floor while shooting upwards at an angle. One minor annoyance with this camera is that the battery compartment does not pop open normally, but is screwed down, so a mini-screwdriver is needed to replace the 2CR5. Another is that the flash disable button is a tiny rubber button on the bottom of the camera that must be held down. This is quite difficult to do quickly.


  • Autofocus is via a near infra-red triangulation system, with focus lock available.
  • Lens is 4-element glass with a 38mm focal length, and is fast at f/2.8.
  • Automatic exposure with a shutter speed of 1/8-1/500s for DX-coded film of ISO 50-1600.
  • Auto flash (Guide number: 8 metres at ISO 100) fires in low-light and backlight situations. Can be disabled.
  • Galilean viewfinder with framelines, in-focus lamp, "too close" warning lamp, flash-ready and camera-shake warning mark, and parallax correction marks. 0.45x magnification.
  • Self-timer.
  • Film advance: Auto-loading, advancing and rewinding.
  • Weight: 315g without 2CR5 battery.