Bronica lenses

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Bronica was originally unable to manufacture it's own optics and hired Nikon. The early cameras of Bronica were focal plane SLR cameras such as the Bronica S2, C2, EC, etc. offers a unique optical design.

Unlike more complicated leaf shutter lens designs, these Bronica lenses do not require built-in shutters or focusing. The lens mount can also attach in three different ways with a large bayonet, small bayonet and a 57mm screw mount with a 1mm pitch. This made it easier for manufacturers to easily produce many different types of lens heads that share the same focusing module. This also made it easy for many companies to manufacture automatic or preset diaphragm modules with built-in focusing to attach to an existing lens head design not originally made for the Bronica. This is also great for making, adapting and hacking your own lens.

Nikon decided not to manufacture lenses for Bronica, so the company decided to produce their own optics under the brand name Zenzanon. This situation led Bronica to have a very low supply of the standard 75mm lens when they were to announce the newer Bronica EC series of cameras. Alternatives were needed and a 80mm f2.8 MC Zenzanon by Carl Zeiss Jena DDR was produced. A variety of different Zenzanon branded focal length lenses were made as the supply of Nikkor's decreased.

Cameras like the ETR, SQ and GS use leaf shutter lenses.


  • 180mm f2.5 Nikkor
  • 250mm f4 Nikkor
  • 300mm f4.5 Nikkor
  • 300mm f5.6 Nikkor
  • 350mm f4.5 Nikkor
  • 500mm f5.5 Nikkor
  • 1000mm f6.3 Nikkor


  • 40mm f4 Auto-Nikkor
  • 50mm f2.8 Auto-Nikkor
  • 50mm f3.5 Auto-Nikkor
  • 7.5cm f2.8 Nikkor-P
  • 75mm f2.8 P Auto-Nikkor
  • 75mm f2.8 PC Auto-Nikkor
  • 75mm f2.8 HC Auto-Nikkor
  • 85mm f1.8 Auto-Nikkor
  • 105mm f3.5 Auto-Nikkor (with leaf shutter and uses large bayonet mount)
  • 135mm f3.5 Auto-Nikkor
  • 200mm f4 Auto-Nikkor


The Tele-Nikkor lens system requires a seprate focus module. It is necessary to remove the Bronica focus helicoid to mount.

  • 400mm f4.5 Tele-Nikkor
  • 600mm f5.6 Tele-Nikkor
  • 800mm f8 Tele-Nikkor
  • 1200mm f11 Tele-Nikkor

Sankyo Koki Komura

  • 45mm f4.5 Komura
  • 50mm f3.5 Komura
  • 100mm f2.8 Komura
  • 135mm f2.8 Komura (focus mod I)
  • 135mm f3.5 Komura
  • 150mm f3.5 Komura
  • 200mm f3.5 Komura (focus mod I)
  • 300mm f5 Komura (focus mod II)
  • 400mm f6.3 Komura (focus mod II)
  • 500mm f8 Komura (focus mod II)
  • 2x Telemore converter

Bronica Zenzanon

  • 40mm f4 Auto-Zenzanon
  • 50mm f2.8 Auto-Zenzanon
  • 75mm f2.8 MC Auto-Zenzanon
  • 80mm f2.4 Auto-Zenzanon
  • 80mm f2.8 MC Zenzanon by Carl Zeiss Jena DDR
  • 100mm f2.8 Auto-Zenzanon
  • 150mm f3.5 Auto-Zenzanon 
  • 200mm f3.5 Auto-Zenzanon
  • 200mm f4 Auto-Zenzanon
  • 300mm f4.5 Auto-Zenzanon (uses large bayonet mount)

ETR 6x4.5

The original lenses are MC, EII are revised versions, and PE are the final version with 1/2 aperture stops.

  • 30mm f3.5 PE fisheye
  • 35mm f3.5 PS fisheye
  • 40mm f4 MC
  • 40mm f4 PE
  • 50mm f2.8 MC
  • 50mm f2.8 PE
  • 55mm f4.5 PE Super Angulon Tilt shift
  • 60mm f2.8 PE
  • 75mm f2.8 MC
  • 75mm f2.8 EII
  • 75mm f2.8 EII (late)
  • 75mm f2.8 PE
  • 100mm f4 Macro PE
  • 105mm f3.5 MC
  • 105mm f4.5 Macro
  • 135mm f4 PE
  • 150mm f3.5 MC
  • 150mm f4 MC
  • 180mm f4.5 MC
  • 180mm f4.5 PE
  • 200mm f4.5 MC
  • 200mm f4.5 PE
  • 250mm f5.6 MC
  • 250mm f5.6 PE
  • 500mm f8 EII
  • 500mm f8 PE
  • 45-90mm f4.5-9.6 PE
  • 100-220mm f4.8 PE


  • 50mm f4.5 PG
  • 65mm f4 PG
  • 80mm f3.5 PG
  • 100mm f3.5 PG
  • 110mm f4 Macro PG
  • 150mm f4 PG
  • 200mm f4.5 PG
  • 250mm f5.6 PG
  • 500mm f8 PG


  • 45mm f4
  • 65mm f5
  • 100mm f4.5
  • 135mm f4.5

SQ 6x6

S series

  • 40mm f4 S
  • 50mm f3.5 S
  • 80mm f2.8 S
  • 105mm f3.5 S
  • 150mm f3.5 S
  • 180mm f4.5 S
  • 200mm f4.5 S
  • 250mm f5.6 S
  • 500mm f8 S

PS series

  • 35mm f3.5 PS fisheye
  • 40mm f4 PS
  • 50mm f3.5 PS
  • 65mm f4 PS
  • 80mm f2.8 PS
  • 110mm f4 Macro PS
  • 135mm f4 PS
  • 150mm f4 PS
  • 180mm f4.5 PS
  • 200mm f4.5 PS
  • 250mm f5.6 PS

Fujita Kōgaku Kōgyō


  • 52mm f3.5 Kaligar
  • 150mm f4 Kaligar
  • 240mm f4 Kaligar auto
  • 240mm f4 Kaligar


  • 125mm f2.3 Astro-Tachar
  • 150mm f1.8 Astro-Tachar
  • 150mm f2.3 Astro-Tachar
  • 200mm f3.5 Astro-Telastan
  • 500mm f5 Astro-Fern
  • 640mm f5 Astro-Fern
  • 800mm f5 Astro-Fern
  • 1000mm f6.3 Astro-Fern
  • 2000mm f10 Astro-Telestan

Sterling Howard


  • 500mm f5 Astragon (manual diaphragm)
  • 600mm f5 Astragon (manual diaphragm)
  • 800mm f5 Astragon (manual diaphragm)
  • 1000mm f6.3 Astragon (manual diaphragm)


  • 135-300mm Dionar zoom f/4.5

Kilfitt / Zoomar

  • 90mm f2.8 Zoomar Macro Kilar (1:1 macro)
  • 300mm f4 Pan Tele Kilar
  • 500mm f5.6 Zoomar Reflektar
  • 600mm f5.6 Kilfitt Sport-Fern Kilar
  • 1000mm f8 Zoomar Reflektar


  • 180mm f3.5 Primotar
  • 300mm f5.5 Meyer Tele-Megor