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Bosco cameras were a series of rollfilm cameras made by Emil Wünsche. This camera series was renamed from Bosko to Bosco in 1899. Thus the Bosco 99 of 1899 succeeded the Bosko 98 of 1898.

The 98 and the 99 were the leading-edge products of the Bosco box cameras, offered with lenses from renowned makers: Voigtländer's Collinear, Steinheil's Orthostigmat or Goerz's double anastigmat. The cheapest variant had just one of Wünsche's Rapid-Aplanats, the medium quality variant a Wünsche Mars-Anastigmat.

Among the Bosco box cameras cameras was the Bosco-Reflex, a simple SLR.

Another specialty was the folding camera Bosco-Klapp-Camera which was made for rollfilm but also loadable with a plate holder.

Wünsche recommended and sold Eastman films for its Bosco rollfilm cameras.