Beauty Canter

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The Beauty Canter 35 is the second fixed lens 35mm rangefinderrangefinder model made by Taiyōdō Koki in 1957.

Other models in the series based on a common chassis are the 1956 35 Super, the 1958 Super II, and finally the heavily modified 1960 Beaumat.

The Canter 35 features an integrated rangefinder/viewfinder, plus a fixed bright-line (Albada) frame. The rangefinder is coupled to the focus adjustment dial, and the shutter is a Copal MXV with speeds from 1 sec., to 1/500th sec,. plus B and self-timer of about 10 seconds.

There were two lens options: an f/2.8 Canter lens, and an f/1.9 Canter S. The Canter lens was made of Lanthanum glass.

The two models had styling differences. The f/2.8 model had a silver metal rewind knob, viewfinder and rangefinder window frames, focus and shutter speed dials, while on the f/1.9 all these parts were black.