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The Beaumat is a 35mm rangefinder camera made by the Japanese Beauty Camera Company in 1960. The device attached to the lens barrel is the centre-the-needle display for the selenium meter cell around the lens. The thin black ring around the front of the lens barrel is the film speed setting, followed by the shutter speed ring (speeds of 1 to 1/500th of a second, plus B and a self-timer of about 10 seconds), then the aperture ring, and finally the focus ring - scaled in feet (in orange) and metres (in white). The focus ring is operated by a lever protruding below the lens barrel. The viewfinder has a self-correcting bright line. The shutter release locks when the advance lever is flush with the camera body.

The 45mm f2.8 lens comprises 4 elements, is labelled "F. C. BIOKOR"[1], and stops-down to f/16.


  1. Beauty Biokor lenses were very likely made by the Tomioka Optical Company (Tokyo)