Argus Autronic I

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The boxy, auto-exposure Argus Autronic 35 rangefinder camera (with a plain silver shutter button) was occasionally labeled as the "Autronic C3" and as Autronic I. But in March 1962 Argus launched two successor models: The revised Autronic I upgraded to an f/2.8 Cintar lens; while the Autronic II also adds a new and enlarged bright-frame viewfinder. Both had a new black shutter button threaded for a cable release. Pricing was USD $79.95 and $99.95, respectively.

Just months after this introduction, Argus merged with Mansfield Industries; and as of December production of these (and other) models moved to their production facility in tiny Spring Grove, Minnesota.[1] This ended the era of building cameras in Ann Arbor which had begun with the Argus A in 1936.


  1. Noted in a December, 1962 clipping from the Ann Arbor News; collection of Ann Arbor District Library.