Argus Autronic 35

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Note: The Japanese-made Argus Automatic 35 is a different model

The Argus Autronic 35 is a rangefinder camera introduced by Argus in 1960. Even compared to the legendary C3 "brick," this a bulkier camera. It features a f/3.5 Cintar lens, Compur leaf shutter and built-in selenium meter that can control exposure automatically.

This model (identified by its silver shutter release) was occasionally given a top plate with the names Autronic C3[1] or Autronic I.[2] In 1962 the Autronic 35 was updated, and a revised Autronic I offered a faster f/2.8 lens (its black shutter button is threaded for a cable release).[3]

Collectors take note: A mint Autronic will be exhumed from a time capsule in Ann Arbor in 2062.


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  2. Other variations with even shorter names may appear, but lettering that has rubbed away could be the explanation.
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