Argus 260 Automatic

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The Argus 260 Automatic is a sturdy, metal built viewfinder camera for 126 cartridges.

This is one of the more sophisticated cameras one could buy for 126 films because it has an automatic exposure system based on a selenium cell. This also indicates under exposure by showing a red light in the viewfinder. For darker situations AG1 flashbulbs can be used under the flip-up cover, the eject knob can be found on the backside of the camera.

The Selenium cell controls the aperture in combination with only one shutter speed.

The lens is a coated Cintar and focusing ring has indications in meters and feet. Power for the flashbulbs comes from 2 size N batteries. These are not necessary for normal operation, the selenium cell does not need a battery.

Argus 260 Automatic
images by René Maly (Image rights)