Argus 21

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The Argus 21 is a 35mm film camera, manufactured from 1947-52. The distinguishing feature of this camera is the "Markfinder". The Argus 21 viewfinder features a projected bright frame and central cross to aid in photo composition, said to be inspired by the company's WWII military optics. The 1/200 top shutter speed is a bit limited; and film loading and rewind are somewhat idiosyncratic (see the manual linked below).

While the 21 is a scale focus camera, its body became the basis for the followup rangefinder models the C4 and C44. However the 21 featured a decorative circular motif on its back (blank, where the Argus CC had an exposure calculator), and a different baseplate locking catch, both only briefly used on the followup C4.