Ansco Regent

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For a period of approximately 15 years, cameras originating with the Ansco company of Binghamton, New York, USA, and some from Agfa in Germany, were branded as Agfa Ansco. During the WWII years, Ansco severed its partnership with Agfa, but by the early 1950s, Ansco was once again importing Agfa cameras, and rebranding them with Ansco product names.

The Ansco Regent is an Agfa Solinette II — a folding, scale focus 35mm camera, but the only lens and shutter options were the Apotar and Prontor shutter, both of which retained their original German branding.

The Ansco Super Regent is a similar camera (also Agfa-built), with the addition of rangefinder focusing, and is the same as the Agfa Super Solinette.