Voigtländer Perkeo (3x4)

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There are also other cameras called Perkeo; Voigtländer's later 6x6 folding Perkeo series, and Dr. Krügener's Perkeo No. 140 of the late 19th century.

The Perkeo is a vertical folding camera for 3x4 cm pictures on 127 roll film, made by Voigtländer in 1932. It is self-erecting. As often with folding cameras, it was available with a range of lenses (all 5.5 cm; slightly longer than standard) and shutters:

  • f/4.5 Skopar in Embezet shutter
  • f/3.5 Skopar in Compur shutter
  • f/3.5 Heliar in Compur shutter

The camera has the same body-mounted focusing knob as the larger-format 1930s folding Prominent and Virtus, moving the whole lens and shutter unit on focusing rails. It is even apparently possible to set the focus before unfolding the camera.[1] The camera has the same chunky knurled control knobs as those other Voigtländer folders. The original model has a folding frame finder on the body. An updated model, from 1933[1] has a fixed telescopic finder, as well as the same elegant folding table-stand and braided wrist-strap as the Virtus and Prominent.


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