Vito III

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The Vito III is a 35mm rangefinder camera that was first produced by Voigtländer in 1950, this camera was the high-end model of the Vito family, with a better lens, shutter and rangefinder. It's design is more similar in design to the 35mm Prominent than to earlier Vito models (Vito , Vito II ). It was produced in smaller numbers than the Vito II and is harder to find.

The Vito III features a symmetric design with a Prominent styled top plate where 2 large wheels, the first is the film advance and frame counter, and the second has focusing and rangefinder coupling, where the film rewind should be. The film rewind is hidden in a key inside the focusing wheel that must be lifted for rewinding. On the back, next to the viewfinder a film-rewind button is located. Lens and shutter are mounted on a front opening folding bellows, while the other Vitos open to the side. On the base of the camera, a long rectangular panel carries the film type reminder dial and the front opening button, and the panel flips up to provide level base for the camera when set on a table. A small screw next to this panel rotates during rewind. The camera doesn't have strap lugs, but used to come with a leather case which had a strap.

The Vito III's was fitted with a Ultron f/2 50mm (5 element) lens on a Compur-Rapid shutter with 1-1/500 B and X-synchronization. Later models featured a Synchro-Compur shutter 1-1/500 B which was XM synchronized. A double exposure prevention allowed picture taking only after advancing the film.


  • Manufacturer: Voigtländer Braunschweig
  • Film Type: 135mm (24x36mm image)
  • Lens: coated Ultron 50mm f2.0 (6 elements in 4 groups) 15 blade diaphragm.
  • Focal range: 3' (1m) to infinity.
  • Shutter Type: Compur-Rapid or Synchro-Compur
  • Shutter speeds: T, B, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 300. 500 was available in some models with Compur shutter
  • Weight: 650 g approx
  • Lenshood: Push-in 32mm (310/32)
  • Filters: Push-type 32mm
    • Yellow G1 (301/32), G2 (302/32)
    • Orange (308/32)
    • Green (306/32)
    • UV (317/32)
    • Close-up filter (Focarlinse) F1(303/32), F2(304/32)
  • Accesories:
    • Accesory shoe
    • Kontur Finder (335/23)
    • Lightmeter
    • Leather case